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2018 Top Winners of IFSM International Fashion SuperModel Contest Announced at Grand Finale Gala

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The 11th International Fashion SuperModel Contest Grand Final Gala took place at the Le Foyers Ballroom in Hollywood, California on December 11th, 2017. Created and organized by the International SuperModel Committee (IFSM) together with the IFSM Fashion Group, the event provides a perfect platform for the U.S. and Asia to promote communication, collaboration, and cooperation within the fashion and textile industries.

“The International Fashion SuperModel Contest brings people in the industry together like nothing else,” says Committee Chair Michael Tse. “It provides tremendous opportunities not only for the models themselves, but also for anyone who works in fashion or textiles. Congratulations to all those who supported and took part in this magnificent event!”IMG_3041

The IFSM Champion Female Model went to Chris D. while Queenie Yu and Johnny Brink was awarded Goodwill Ambassador. Both hope to become an inspiration to future generations of contestants.

The awards were presented by well-known celebrities including IFSM Supermodel & Global Goodwill Ambassador Jin Ye, actress Michelle Hwang, Actress Kimberely Kates, world-renowned surgeon & composer Dr Bruce Lee, and WCETV President Billy Chung, among others.IMG_2829

The 2018 event was a collaboration between IFSM and Zose Creative & Media, Hope Production, HiFex,Parris Harris, AICM , KCS Rosanna Culture & Education Assoc.and China Star Media Culture Communicate.

Over 40 models, both male and female, and from many different countries, took part, along with an array of stars, celebrities and musicians. Special guests included, fashion designer Billy Martin from France, actress Gao Fei Fei, designer Monalisa Okiejia , Chair of AICM Macau Bobo Ng and Co-chair Rossana Kong , President of HIFEX Jimmy Jiang, Chair of International IChing Association, and Master Dragon Wong, among others.

Hundreds of representatives from the media and the press were in attendance as the show was broadcast live to millions of viewers across the U.S.jinye

Designers AZ Duchente showcased her collections during the show. Upcoming fashion designer Queenie Yumokogi also presented her Urban Collection and offered a ‘sneak peek’ at her 2019 Spring Collection.

The first IFSM Fashion Gala/Contest, a competition designed to give aspiring models the opportunity to be a part of the international fashion modeling industry, took place in 2008. Since then, the event has taken place all over the world. Organizers are confident that the contest will allow for an exchange of ideas, beliefs and perspectives among fashion designers and models, not just from China and the U.S., but the world over.

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