Live up your dream! 2022 IFSM Int’l Fashion SuperModel make your dream come true !

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For the past 14 years International Fashion Supermodel Contest (IFSM) offers a cross over platform between US and Asia for the textile & fashion industry to improve comprehension and to promote the communication and cooperation with the fashion world, created and organized by International Fashion SuperModel Committee , support by IFSM Fashion Weekla . A magnificent annual cultural event in promotion of US-Asia culture exchange was in session in full force in Hollywood, Los Angeles, Boston, Las Vegas, New York and Asia Pacific simultaneously, In 2008 proudly presented the first IFSM Contest, a competition designed to give aspiring models the opportunity to be a part of the international fashion modeling industry. Within the past 14 year’s fashion supermodel search which provided aspiring thousands of models around the globe exposure to the international fashion scene and opportunities to compete in one of the US-Asia Pacific modeling competitions.IMG_9862

From 2008 to 2021, IFSM (International Fashion Supermodel) contest featured more than hundreds finalist contestants from USA and Asia Pacific. The extravaganza captured an audience of over millions viewers from east to west and was covered by 100 television stations/radios and hundreds of media publications.

In 2022, IFSM model search had created 4 different categories – Int’l Fashion Supermodel, IFSM Fashion Lady, IFSM Fashion Empress & IFSM Fashion New Star (Kids) launch the globe search audition process all around the world encourage to submit their application at IFSM models search and IFSM Grand Finale in December, Hollywood ,Ca.

IFSM is collaborated with Fashion Unity Network, Islive, Golden Film Award Committee and Sunrise Media Int’l The competition seeks to create an international network of agencies and gives models from around the world an opportunity to explore the Asia Pacific market and potential contract with Talent Management Company in in US & Asia Pacific. And we confident that the event will bring an exchange of perspectives and experience among fashion workers, fashion designers, actors actress and fashion models, will make the International Fashion Supermodel a world-class event, worthy of the highest esteem and the greatest anticipation and support. If you believe in yourself, you can achieve all you goals and make your dreams come true….