Exclusive: The “IFSM Fashion Production ” Host Premiere Int’l Fashion SuperModel (IFSM) Grand Final Competition in Hollywood

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The IFSM fashion event with red carpet arrival taking place on the 29th October 2014 and get ready for a night to remember- and you could be there. the event promises to be all kinds of awesome, with red carpet arrival, beautiful IFSM supermodels around the globe , surprise celeb guests and amazing fashion show – ready to rock on 10/29/14 at Bellaire, N. Hollywood,Ca.

This amazing annual event organize by IFSM Committee, coordinate by IFSM Fashion Production and organize by The world networks, AICEF , New Wave Media and Lily Lisa Hollywood. Support by New Era TV, 8sian Media, Martell, LNR Production , Iching Int’l Association, HCC and Empire Media Center.  The Fashion SuperModel Competition is a yearly community event. Its aims at promote the Int’l Creative Fashion Culture around the globe. And one of the most potent agents of such human body communication, style appreciation and trend understanding is the medium of fashion. Also it has a goal of building bridges of understanding and mutual cooperation in the various area within the fashion industry and spell out the fashion designer’s concept .

For the past 6 years, International Fashion Supermodel (IFSM) contest featured more than 100 finalist contestants from all over the world,The extravaganza captured an audience of over millions viewers from east to west and was covered by 8 television stations/radios and many media publications.

This year 2014, We confident that the event will bring and exchange of perspectives and experience among fashion workers, fashion designers, actors actress and fashion models, will make the International Fashion Supermodel a world-class event, worthy of the highest esteem and the greatest anticipation and support.

Moreover, the Int’l Fashion SuperModel Competition is to demonstrate how effectively the American designer and Fashion Models can join force together through the event to create unity and discover the fashion mix chemistry & element . This will also be a demonstration, that creativity of Fashion Culture have no boundaries and no limited to many possibilities.